Re:Framing Death

Death is everywhere. We face it every day when we wake up even though we can’t really see it. No matter where we are, no matter what we do, no matter how safe we think we are in a certain place, death is always going to be there and we don’t know when is it going to take us with it. We usually think that if we stay home and we don’t do anything risky we’re going to be fine but the chances of death coming to you depends weather if it is your time or not. We can’t decide when we die, it’s not up to us, but we can be aware of what can happen to us if we do certain things. As mentioned before, death is everywhere, and there had been situations where it even showed up in a sport like soccer.


Soccer / Passion

Practicing a sport is considered as something healthy that only brings good things with it but death can also sneak into this. Soccer is a highly competitive sport and it doesn’t only affect the people who practice it but also the people who watch it. In some cases, just as the players get more competitive while playing, the fans get more passionate and this is where the ‘bad’ things can start to happen. When competition and passion get too high, it can start physically affecting the players and mentally affecting the fans. When both things reach high levels, it is a way to call death’s attention.


Taken from unsplash. Link to the picture here.


Andres Escobar

Andres Escobar was a Colombian soccer player who death took away because of a mistake while playing soccer. In the 1994 World Cup in the USA, in the game against the American team, the Colombian defender scored an own goal that kicked Colombia out of the tournament. Passion was too high in some of the Colombian fans to the point where, when it reached its highest point and mixed with frustration, death came and did his job. Escobar was killed by Colombian fans because of his mistake in the World Cup and this is considered as one of the biggest soccer tragedies in history.



Death is in charge of determining the end of the physical life of everybody. Knowing that it can appear at any moment and how it can show up unexpectedly, we have to be prepared for the moment it does. The case of Andres Escobar is an example of how can death appear in your life when you less expect it and in the least common situations. It is ironic that a soccer player dies because of a mistake he made in field, but that’s how death works.


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